Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to the Division of Academic Management Official portal 

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
and Greetings to all

Praise to Allah S.W.T Most Merciful for His grace and blessing , the  portal of the Division of Academic Management (BPA)  can be developed to facilitate and serve as a reference to the stakeholder and the undergraduate students specifically, the whole of USIM in general .

The Division of Academic Management (BPA) was formerly known as the Division of Undergraduate Studies.  This division is one of the key departments of the University and is responsible of managing academic related issues, especially for the undergraduate studies.

Academic activities are the backbones and core business of a university. Hence,  the Division of Academic Management (BPA) plays a vital role in running important and high impact agendas, including to realize the USIM’s mission to produce “Al-abrar” graduates that are futuristic, open minded and high morale besides being globally competitive  and brave enough to  explore new  international  possibilities in each field of expertise.

Excellent cooperation and teamwork played by all the staffs at the Division of Academic Management (BPA) in particular, and by the whole university in general would realized USIM’s mission and vision to be at the forefront , specifically in the focused areas.

Full collaboration and commitment by all parties, the Division of Academic  Management (BPA), faculties and the academic centres will produce high quality graduates with sought after commercial market traits.Therefore, I hope this portal would benefit all parties besides having a clear role played by Division of Academic Management (BPA).

Last but not least, warm regards from me and I hope that this portal would be beneficial to those seeking information specifically related to the Undergraduate Studies.

Thank you


Yours sincerely,
Senior Deputy Registrar
Head Division of Academic Management





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